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The OXYCOM® products can be applied in a wide variety of applications requiring cooling (residential buildings, air handling units for commercial/industrial buildings, livestock, horticulture) and/or humidification (residential/commercial/industrial buildings, process control).


The Quatrobreeze has been designed specifically for the domestic market. Providing a under roof solution for evaporative cooling. The unique Quattrobreeze has 4 fans allowing for individual control for different zones. This product has won the Australian Good Design Award for 2015 in the Hardware and Building category.

Commercial Evaporative Cooling

The Aluminium finned Oxyvap pads lend itself to excellent air handling unit. These pads can safely operate at air speeds of up to 3m/s without the risk of water carry over.

Large Air-handling unit
OXYVAP inside an air-handling unit

Condenser Pre-cooling

The energy used by an air-cooled HVAC unit varies directly as the outside air temperature. The hotter it is outside, the harder the equipment works and the more energy it uses. The rule of thumb for this type of equipment is 1.5 to 3 percent of electrical demand and energy reduction for each degree C reduction. So, it’s a safe bet that your air conditioning equipment will use 25 percent less energy at 20 degrees than it does at 35 degrees.

The evaporative pre-cooling system uses the cooling power of evaporation along with our semi-arid climate to reduce energy and demand for air-cooled systems. As the air is cooled, it is also humidified which is a common complaint for direct evaporative cooling systems. The difference is that this cooled-and-humidified air is used by the outdoor chiller unit only, and does not enter the building. So, there are no high humidity issues, just sensible cooling with energy savings.

Condenser Pre-cooling

OXYVAP as condenser pre-cooling on a Climaveneta chiller in Germany


The modular Oxyvap allows the easy construction of wet walls. Wet walls is the most cost-effective solution for large scale cooling.

OXYVAP wall used for cooling in a datacentre in Amsterdam (NL)