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OXYCOM uses water, one of nature’s most powerful refrigerants (R718), to cool air in environment-friendly matter. Evaporating water at a rate of 1 L/h generates 695 W of cooling power, whereas conventional air conditioning systems typically require as much as 250−300 W of electrical power to achieve the same.

OXYCOM Technology Benefits:

Sustainable Air Conditioning

Traditional air conditioning systems are based upon recirculation of indoor air. They do not deliver the ventilation air that is necessary to improve indoor air quality. They make use of ozone depleting HFC gasses and account on average of 50% of the power consumption inside buildings.

With the OXYCOM products, we offer a unique four-season solution for indoor climate control, with an increased energy efficiency up to 80% contributing to a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of buildings. Moreover, by bringing in 100% fresh air into the buildings we guarantee a high indoor air quality hence increasing the wellbeing and productivity of the people inside.

Last but not least, using water as a natural refrigerant, the OXYCOM components are 100% ecologic and are the answer to the more stringent rules on HFC gasses inside traditional air conditioning systems.